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These Blazeprep solutions are for finance professionals seeking to advance their understanding of and improve upon their practice and techniques of valuing capital assets and businesses and taking decisions related to acquisitions, mergers, fund-raising and asset-quality management. The training programs and microbooks included in the study stack are curated on the table of content benchmarked to the curricula and knowledge frameworks of leading investment banking certifications and programs of renowned business schools.

  • Marked to Certification Exams!

    As you may be aware by now, the Starter and Reviser training programs and the microbooks stack cover 7 dimensions, straddling around 40 knowledge themes prescribed by the Investment Banking Council of America (IBCA), and helps learners prepare well for answering all types of questions asked in the Certified Investment Banking Professional (CIBP™) exams. The study-stack contains the same content that the official CIBP™ handbook contains.

    PART A: Valuation and Comparable Companies Analysis
    PART B: Precedent Transactions Analysis
    PART C: Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
    PART D: Leveraged Buyouts - Mechanism & Market
    PART E: LBO Analysis for Decision-Making
    PART F: Sell-Side Mergers & Acquisitions
    PART G: Buy-Side Mergers & Acquisitions

Exhaustive Coverage!

The microbooks and exam-prep programs cover the entire gamut of themes that an investment banking professional must know about – aspects like how the investment banking industry functions; how investment banking companies work and of course; how investment bankers analyze and decide what to acquire, sell and how to raise funds for their clients. The latest edition of the digital study stack for investment accounting, investment & management accounting is undergoing finishing touches and will hit our portal soon. Our 2020 edition stopped distributing in December 2020, and the 2021 edition is due in May 2021. We will activate sign-ins as soon as the latest edition is hoisted on our portal. Please stay tuned and keep checking messages on your dashboard provided by Investment Banking Council of America.

Identifying, studying, screening and comparing target companies; filings, equity research; Spreading Key Statistics, Ratios, and Trading Multiples; Calculation of Key Financial Statistics and ratios; Supplemental Financial Concepts and Calculations; valuation of companies;

Selecting the Universe of Comparable Acquisitions; Screening potential targets for Comparable Acquisitions and Examining Other Considerations; Locating the Necessary Deal-Related and Financial Information; Spreading Key Statistics, Ratios, and Transaction Multiples; Calculation of Key Financial Statistics and Ratios and Calculation of Key Transaction Multiples; Benchmark the Comparable Acquisitions; Determining Valuation and discussing the Key Pros and Cons

Studying the Target and Determining Key Performance Drivers; projecting sales, revenues, profits and free cash flows; Calculating Weighted Average Cost of Capital by Determining Target Capital Structure, the Estimated Cost of Debt (rd) and the Estimated Cost of Equity (re); Determining Valuation of the target; Performing Sensitivity Analysis

Key participants including Financial Sponsors, investment banks, Bank and Institutional Lenders and Bond Investors; LBO Target management; Economics of LBOs: Returns Analysis using Internal Rate of return; Primary Exit/monetization Strategies; LBO Financing;

Determining Financing Structure and Valuation; Building the Pre-LBO Model using Historical and Projected Financial and Cash Flow Statements; Working on Deal Transaction Structure; Completing the Post-LBO Modeling

Mechanism of Auctions; Auction Structure; Organization and Preparation for a Sell-Side M&A deal; First Round M&A Activities; Second Round M&A Activities; Evaluation of Final Bids; Negotiating with Preferred Buyer(s); Selecting Winning Bidder; Rendering Fairness Opinion; Closing the deal by Obtaining Necessary Approvals from Shareholders; Financing and Closing the Negotiated Sale

Buyer Motivation and Synergies; Cost synergies; Revenue Synergies; Acquisition Strategies; Horizontal Integration; Vertical integration; Conglomeration; Deal Structuring; Stock Sale; Asset Sale; Forms of Financing; Buy-Side Valuation; Football Field Analysis at various prices; First Round Buy-side M&A Activities; second Round buy-side M&A Activities

This image is only for illustrating the broad visual idea of the cover pages of the microbooks. The design of coverpages and the text written on them are for illustration alone. Blazeprep does not provide any tablet or a viewing or reading hardware device to any participant.

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The Educator’s Stack

The Educator’s Stack essentially contains the same collection as the Big Stack, but has a special institutional/ corporate sign-in access facility, which makes it easier for a university or a company to control access to the stack the way they want. To know more, you can write to us at


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