Blazeprep is a growing global hub of super-specialized certifications, exam-preparation services and study-content for finance, accounting and technology professionals.

  • BRINGING ADVANCED GLOBAL QUALIFICATIONS RIGHT IN YOUR COUNTRY: Blazeprep and its partners make available some of the world’s leading qualifications in super-specialized domains of private equity, investment banking, management accounting, investment accounting, business blockchain and blockchain engineering.

  • REPRESENTING WORLD’S MOST RESPECTED CERTIFIERS: Blazeprep officially manages ground operations of leading certifiers including United States Private Equity Council (USPEC), Investment Banking Council of America (IBCA), American Council for Professional Accounting and Central Blockchain Council of America (CBCA).

  • IN-COUNTRY EXAMS; STUDY LOANS & AFFORDABLE EXAM-PREP especially for aspirants and professionals from developing countries; pay fee in local currency; take exams in your own country and obtain expertly curated study content and exam-prep services for global certifications in accounting, finance and technology.

Bringing Globally Renowned Advanced Professional Qualifications

A specialized division of Edvantic, the world’s education company, Blazeprep manages marketing, sales, partner and exam-prep network for United States Private Equity Council (USPEC), American Council of Professional Accountants (ACPA), Investment Banking Council of America (IBCA) and Central Blockchain Council of America (CBCA), and markets and distributes their certifications and qualifications globally with a focus on Asia, Africa and the GCC region. Blazeprep’s own network of experts and associates also offer a wide range of exam-support services to candidates and coaching institutions.

Blazing a new Global Trail

What Do We Do?
What is Special?
Who are Our Solutions For?
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What Do We Do?
In the first ever global initiative of its kind, Blazeprep makes some of the world’s most prestigious professional qualifications directly available to aspirants in developing countries. We distribute and market super-specialist certifications of leading standards bodies in finance, accounting and technology and offer online content for exam preparation. In some countries, we offer revision and pre-exam bootcamps for these global certifications in investment banking, private equity, investment accounting, investment & management accounting, public accounting, business blockchain, and blockchain engineering areas.
What is Special?
Blazeprep is revolutionizing the way professionals in developing countries obtain global qualifications. Besides introducing special country-specific enrollment schemes, all exams of all global qualifications brought in by Blazeprep in any country are organized in the same country. The fee is paid in local currency, and Blazeprep even facilitates study loans by tying up with leading financial intermediaries. We connect up with coaching and training institutes as well as public and private universities in the high-potential Asian and African countries to help them access latest qualifications in rarified and super-specialized knowledge disciplines. Our training programs and online study content are exactly aligned to the topics covered in the bodies of knowledge and exam areas of a number of global certifications including CPEP, CIMA, CIBP, CPA, BBP and CBE.
Who are Our Solutions For?
Blazeprep is working for the benefit of professionals, graduating students, businesses and industries of developing countries. Blazeprep’s certification registration services as well as learning and exam-prep solutions are for a wide spectrum of professional learners, career starters and individuals pursuing global certification programs in high-demand super-specialized areas like public accounting, investment & management accounting, private equity, investment banking, investment accounting, business blockchain and blockchain engineering.
Partner Us !
If you are interested in offering exclusive, advanced professional qualifications in your country to graduating students and young professionals, we’ll be happy to include you in our network. We’re looking out for potential training and business partners in almost all African and Asian countries. These partners will be involved in marketing various certification programs in our portfolio, and also offering study material and preparatory training for their exams. Partners earn from offering training for these certifications, besides being paid a per-student counseling services fee directly. If you are into finance/ accounting/ IT coaching or exam-prep training, just write to us at

Be With Blazeprep!

  • And benefit from our unique expertise in making the world’s most respected qualifications and certifications available even in the remotest corners of the world, in advanced areas of accounting, finance and technology, that provide high career traction to professionals.

  • With us, you get the opportunity of associating with and working on the world’s finest knowledge frameworks in super-specialized disciplines like private equity, investment banking, investment accounting, management accounting, business blockchain and blockchain engineering among others.

  • Blazeprep also means the golden chance for you to take your coaching & training business to the next level by aligning with the world’s leading international certification brands in super-specialized areas of finance, accounting and technology.

  • Make the most of the standards-aligned online study and exam-prep content for leading global certifications in investment accounting, management accounting, private equity, investment banking, business blockchain and blockchain engineering.

The World of Opportunity!

  • If you run an accounting, finance or IT coaching/ Training institute... can leap-frog to the next level of the training business by becoming a Blazeprep Learning Partner, and officially offer registration and training for certifications in Blazeprep portfolio in your market with attractive revenues and returns!

  • If you are a University Offering Finance, Accounting or Technology programs...

    ... you're ideally placed to become a Blazeprep Academic Development Partner (ADA) and offer world-class certifications to your students and enhance their employability in jobs in accounting, finance and IT areas.

  • If you are a seasoned accounting, finance or technology professional...

    ...well-connected with coaching and training institutes in your city, you're ideally placed to become a Blazeprep Expert Professional Advisor (EPA)! You will represent the Blazeprep in your city, recommend and appoint Authorized Learning Partners (ALPs), and look after promoting certifications in Blazeprep portfolio in your market.

  • If you are a dynamic accounting/ finance/ technology student

    ... in a university/ engineering college/ business school or a coaching institute, you can become a Blazeprep Student Advisor and add to your profile, skills and earnings by counselling your co-students to register for certifications of their choice in the Blazeprep portfolio.

The Blazeprep Study Stacks

Currently, digital study stacks (and printed study-material for some countries) are being made available for the CPEP™ certification of the United States Private Equity Council, the CIMA qualification of the CIMA Institute, and the CIBP™ certification of the Investment Banking Council of America. Shortly, study material for the blockchain certifications of the Central Blockchain Council of America (CBCA) will also be available. You access digital study stacks after logging into your account, which is created once you register for the certification you are registered in (CPEP™, CIMA®, CIBP™). In some countries with large numbers of registrants like India, printed material is shipped to registered candidates.

The study material contains certain number of micro-books covering each of the knowledge areas of these certification programs and aligned to their exam curricula. You get material as a collection of readable PDF micro-books that are loaded on your dashboard.

The Blazeprep Exam-Prep Programs

Blazeprep has an exciting line-up of extremely useful exam-preparation programs for several leading international certification programs. The Prep-Starters are uniquely crafted 50 hour training programs for individuals formally registered for the CPEP/ CIBP/ CIMA®/ CBE™/ BBP™ and CPA certifications, who are now going to start their exam-studies. The Revisers are designed as 20 hour pre-exam or exam-eve programs for individuals formally registered for the CPEP/ CIBP/ CIMA®/ CBE™/ BBP™ certifications, who have completed their exam-studies and are now going to take their exams. The Prep-Starter & Reviser programs cover all the modules of the certification curricula and serve to smartly refresh key concepts, principles and tools etc., included in the respective knowledge frameworks of these certifications.

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Solutions Tuned for Certification Exams!

Our study content, exam-prep and learning solutions are exactly marked for international certification exams in diverse areas of finance, accounting and technology aligned to knowledge areas covered in exams of prominent global certification bodies.

Standards-Aligned Curricula!

Though certification bodies are not involved in any way in the curation, production, quality or offer of Blazeprep study-stacks and exam-prep programs in various areas, the content contained in them are curated on the curriculum duly approved by the certification bodies as aligned to their respective bodies of knowledge.

In an internal 2019 poll among more than 3000 learners/ students of private equity certification registered for CPEP™, we were rated among the top content providers. Similarly, in a 2020 poll among 67 institutions globally offering investment accounting, investment & management accounting programs, our stack was ranked among the best on offer. Another stack-user study in 2020 of learners in investment banking rated the Blazeprep content among the top 2 they used.

Compact, Comprehensive & Sharp

Experts from different disciplines consult hundreds of original books and content available as open source in the public domain to create the Blazeprep study-material. That means covering in a few micro-books and in 2000 pages maximum, what would take reading 10000 pages of hundreds of books.


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