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Blazeprep is an Edvantic division, focused on distributing and marketing in Asia, Africa and developing regions, top-of-the-line global certifications in super-specialized and advanced areas of accounting, finance and information technology. Blazeprep currently enjoys exclusive sales and partner management rights from United States Private Equity Council (USPEC), American Council of Professional Accountants, IBCA, and Central Blockchain Council of America (CBCA). Blazeprep portfolio consists of certifications and qualifications of these global bodies in investment banking, management accounting, private equity, and blockchain. Blazeprep also offers learning and exam-prep solutions and online content for leading global certifications. Blazeprep has also been authorized by IBCA, USPEC, ACPA and CBCA to make their certifications available in many African and Asian countries through partnerships with local finance, accounting and IT training companies.

  • Taking Top Qualifications to Asia & Africa

    A key Blazeprep objective is to establish a thriving network of partner coaching institutes and professional experts across the breadth of Asia, Africa and GCC region to help channel leading global certifications into these markets. Accounting, finance and information technology professions are evolving rapidly in these emerging economies, and specialist certifications and global training programs are a must for aspiring and working professionals to help the local industry of these countries, as well as their own careers go up on the value chain.

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  • Strengthening Hands of Universities

    Blazeprep is reaching out to public and private universities in more than three dozen African and Asian countries with the objective of helping them advance their training and education capabilities in emerging disciplines and making international certifications available to their students of finance, accounting, business and information technology. Specialist certifications of leading international bodies play a great role in accelerating the process of developing employability of graduating students for new-age jibs and careers.

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  • We Support Learners…

    Our online training programs and online study-stacks are available for professionals in all corners of the world. We are planning to offer highly specialized revision and pre-exam bootcamps in some countries for exam-takers registered for CPEP™, CIBP™, BBP™, CBE™ and CIMA®. Blazeprep is also working with a number of professional associations and forums of professionals in many global regions for tie-ups that make it possible for us to distribute and share our content to candidates in many geographies free of charge or at shoestring prices.

  • We Share Original Content…

    Our uniqueness lies in the fact that in many subject areas, the content we share in our stacks is not written by any team of writers. Instead, we have a panel of independent SMEs, who compile and curate content from hundreds of books and readings from free-to-read-use sources and portals on the world wide web. This approach laces our stacks with a unique advantage: the content comes absolutely untampered - in exactly the flavor, language and style of the original authors, providing learners the opportunity to study high-quality content picked from hundreds of books.

  • We Make Learning Affordable…

    Our products and solutions are appreciated primarily because we provide high-quality and precise study content, ideal for the exams of leading global certifications like CPEP™, CIBP™, CIMA®, CBE™ and BBP™ qualifications. Though most of the times, 3rd party forums absorb our study-stack costs and help us offer our wares free of charge for people registered in these certification programs, there are certain products variants, where we have to put some price at times, when it becomes difficult to absorb the costs.

  • We Are Aligned to the Best…

    Indeed, we must reiterate that neither United States Private Equity Council (USPEC), American Council of Professional Accountants, Investment Banking Council of America (IBCA) nor Central Blockchain Council of America (CBCA) are involved in any way in the curation, production, quality or offer of the study stacks and study material offered online at Blazeprep. But yes, their content is compiled and curated on the curriculum duly approved as aligned to the bodies of knowledge of these certification bodies. Today, we have a multinational team of more than three dozen subject-matter experts working on this product constantly, looking for the best content sources to be included in our micro-books. We are happy that our hard work and passion is producing success outcomes for our readers.

  • We Bring the Best Certifications…

    This is the era of the rise of Asian and Latin American multinationals, and soon the world will see the emergence of African multinationals too. Rapidly growing Asian and African economies need high-quality finance and accounting professionals to support the efforts of their businesses and industries merge faster with the global economy and compete effectively. Blazeprep is partnering local training companies in India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and several countries in the GCC region and many other countries to make the best global qualifications and certifications in finance, accounting and information technology available in these awakened and awakening giants.

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Our Vision

To promote professional and academic excellence in advanced areas of accounting, finance and information technology through professional learning and skill-building on structured bodies and frameworks of knowledge in the discipline.

Our Mission

To develop, package and share cost-effectively, the latest content and knowledge in advanced and emerging super-specialization areas in accounting and finance with individuals and institutions to help them learn and teach effectively in these disciplines.