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Blazeprep actively promotes employability and career growth in frontier professions including accounting, finance and fintech among others. Our maximum attention currently is on making international certifications and qualifications like CPEP™, CIMA® and CIBP™ available in as many Asian and African countries as possible. You can choose to become a Blazeprep partner and offer certifications of multiple international certification bodies, or you can seek our assistance in associating you directly with any of these global certification leaders. Are you ready to partner us for your country?

Become Authorized Educators of Global Certification Bodies!

Blazeprep enjoys exclusive mandate from premier certification bodies to appoint partners in Asia and the Pacific region and service and support business and operations of these partner-organizations. We facilitate universities, business schools and specialist higher education institutions directly affiliate with certification bodies. Coaching institutes and exam-prep organizations can seek our assistance in facilitating a direct educator/ education provider partnership with these certification leaders.

Your institution, coaching or training organization can connect with us at to explore the possibilities of formally associating with global certification giants like United States Private Equity Council (USPEC), Investment Banking Council of America (IBCA), the CIMA Institute, American Council of Professional Accounting and Central Blockchain Council of America (CBCA). In your email, please do mention the name of the certification body you are interested in associating with.

  • Building Talent, One Collaboration at a Time

    Besides facilitating direct partnerships with international standards and certification bodies in Asia and the Pacific region, Blazeprep is establishing its own partner-networks in many countries comprising leading accounting and finance professionals, coaching institutes, universities and student advisors. These Blazeprep partners will be esteemed in their cities and are connected to young professionals who have just started their careers, as well as students graduating with majors in accounting and finance. Blazeprep has multi-level collaboration strategy with provision for appointing individuals as Expert Professional Advisors (EPAs); coaching institutes as Training & Business Partners (TBPs), and university departments as Academic Development Affiliates (ADAs). Not to be missed by dynamic students of universities and coaching institute, Blazeprep also has a robust Student Advisor program! You can write to us at to initiate a possible partnership conversation with us.

  • Developing Talent Across Countries

    Blazeprep is especially focusing on countries like India, Malaysia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Indonesia, Burma, Bhutan, Mauritius, Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana and Nigeria among others, that are focused on expanding incumbency across different industry segments through foreign investments and domestic entrepreneurship promotion.

    Blazeprep enjoys exclusive advocacy, certification promotion and sales mandates from leading certification bodies including Investment Banking Council of America, United States Private Equity Council and the American Council of Management Accounting. Under this mandate, Blazeprep appoints leading professionals, coaching institutes and training companies, and university departments as formal Blazeprep partners to market and service certification programs of Investment Banking Council of America (IBCA), United States Private Equity Council (USPEC) and American Council for Management Accounting.

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Blazeprep Training & Business Partnership Program

A major Blazeprep thrust is on appointing Training and Business Partners (TBPs) in a large number of Asian and African nations on the cusp of rapid development. Institutes and outfits engaged in coaching and exam preparatory training for certifications in chartered accountancy, cost accountancy, public accounting, company secretaryship etc., are the ideal candidates for a Blazeprep partnership. Though all certifications in the Blazeprep portfolio are technically available for partners, Blazeprep generally advises most partners to start with the investment accounting, investment & management accounting certification as it covers the needs of the maximum number of aspiring and working professionals in emerging nations.

Key Roles of Blazeprep Training & Business Partners

The most important function of TBPs is to counsel and enroll their current trainees in the certification programs of the Blazeprep portfolio – including CPEP™, CIMA® and CIBP™. All partners get their dedicated dashboard to manage student registrations, and also offline assistance in helping students fill put application forms and pay their fee. Blazeprep pays a per-registration counseling fee to all TBPs to help them cover their time costs. TBPs require to function in close coordination with the Blazeprep appointed Expert Professional Advisors in their countries.

The other TBP function is to offer preparatory training for exams of the Blazeprep-portfolio certification programs. TBPs are free to price this training according to their market dynamics. Blazeprep provides free access to online study material to its authorized TBPs. If you wish your training outfit to become a proud Blazeprep Training & Business Partner in your country, please write into us at

Blazeprep Expert Professional Advisors

Blazeprep's partnership fabric in most countries is led by a country-level team of Expert Professional Advisors, who play a key role in recommending coaching institutes and universities for Blazeprep partnership, and also advise and guide these TBPs and ADAs in covering their markets effectively. Hence typically, every Blazeprep campaign in a new country commences with the appointment of a team of EPAs, who then help in the selection and appointment of Training & Business Partners as well as Academic Development Affiliates.

Leader-Influencers in Finance-Accounting

Already ahead of the pack, Blazeprep EPAs advise on coaching institutes and universities that can become Blazeprep partners in a country. They also counsel aspiring and working professionals on subject and course choices that maximize career opportunities for them and help them integrate Blazeprep in their education plan. Blazeprep EPAs are committed at every level and in all aspects of the service and support they offer to Training & Business Partners, Academic Development Affiliates and Student Advisors students ensuring complete confidentiality.

Being picked as Blazeprep EPAs is in itself the biggest perk for professionals. It is an acknowledgement of their academic leadership and professional promise. Blazeprep EPAs get the personalized Blazeprep dashboard loaded with resources. If that's not enough, all EPAs get the opportunity to undergo the prestigious Blazeprep program under a special pathway, completely fee-free.

If you wish to join the panel of Blazeprep EPAs of your country, please write into us at

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Blazeprep Student Advisor Program

The Blazeprep Student Advisor Program is on steam now, and we are appointing Student Advisors in universities, institutions and coaching institutes around the world. As you may be aware, Blazeprep student advisors lend career-assistance to their alumni and bright graduating students, and for helping and guiding them in their pursuit of learning and certification in investment accounting, investment & management accounting. Equipped to function as student support professionals, representing Blazeprep-portfolio programs in their campuses, Blazeprep student advisors help their institutions improve education and career outcomes for students graduating with majors in accounting, finance and business.

Blazeprep student advisors get the personalized Blazeprep dashboard loaded with resources. If that's not enough, all student advisors get the opportunity to undergo the prestigious Blazeprep program under a special pathway, completely fee-free. To add, each Blazeprep student adviser is provided with an annual Blazeprep scholarship budget of 45,000 USD, which they can use to recommend students for freeships and partial scholarships in international certification programs offered by Blazeprep.

If you wish to join the panel of Blazeprep Student Advisors of your country, please write into us at

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