Public Accounting

The Blazeprep solutions in Public Accounting are for finance professionals seeking to advance their understanding of and improve upon their practice and techniques of public accounting and preparing for the CPA exams of the Association of the International Certified Professional Accountants. The Starter and Reviser training programs and the online study stacks included in the solutions are curated on the table of content benchmarked to the curricula and knowledge frameworks of leading public accounting certifications and programs of renowned institutions.

Public Accounting

Arriving September 2021!

Blazeprep is readying up the online study stack as well as the Starter and Reviser Training programs for the CPA program. The CPA designation distinguishes licensed accounting professionals committed to protecting the public interest. These professionals offer financial statement audits and other attestation services to help inform investors about the financial health of organizations. They provide individuals and families with valuable knowledge and advice on taxes and financial planning. In business and industry, CPAs offer organizations around the world tax, financial reporting and advisory services to drive strategic decision-making and foster growth and success. To earn the CPA license, accounting professionals must have extensive education—at least 150 hours—pass a rigorous four-part exam and meet experience requirements. They must also commit to lifelong learning and adhere to a strict Code of Professional Conduct that requires competence, objectivity, integrity and independence.

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  • Marked to Certification Exams!

    As you may be aware by now, the Starter and Reviser training programs and the microbooks stack cover 4 dimensions, straddling almost 2 dozen knowledge themes prescribed by the American Institute of CPAs, and helps learners prepare well for answering all types of questions asked in the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exams. The study-stack contains content aligned to the coverage of CPA exams.

Exhaustive Coverage!

The microbooks and exam-prep programs cover the entire gamut of themes that a public accountant must know about – straddling auditing, attestation, financial accounting & reporting, business environment analysis and regulation.

This image is only for illustrating the broad visual idea of the cover pages of the microbooks. The design of coverpages and the text written on them are for illustration alone. Blazeprep does not provide any tablet or a viewing or reading hardware device to any participant.

The 2021 Edition is On the Way

The latest editions for the exam-prep training and online study content for private equity is undergoing finishing touches and will hit our portal soon. Our 2020 edition stopped distributing in December 2020, and the 2021 edition is due in May 2021. We will activate sign-ins as soon as the latest edition is hoisted on our portal. Please stay tuned and keep checking messages on your dashboard provided by the American Institute of CPAs. The 2021 stack contains the following 4 micro-books:

  • Auditing and Attestation
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • Business Environment and concepts
  • Regulation

The Educator’s Stack

The Educator’s Stack essentially contains the same collection as the Big Stack, but has a special institutional/ corporate sign-in access facility, which makes it easier for a university or a company to control access to the stack the way they want. To know more, you can write to us at


You can book the 2021 pre-starter and reviser programs, as well as the study stack if you have already registered for CPA, and you are authorized to access these resources. Just check your mailbox for an email from us. It guides you on the process of obtaining access to the programs and study stack.